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Thema: KiCKeT!-ARENA-World-League [KAWL] (season 2015-2016)

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    KiCKeT!-ARENA-World-League [KAWL] (season 2015-2016)

    Here we can talk about all our ideas and suggestions....

    First rule:
    You can play the game as you like:
    You agree on the length of the game, the number of the figures, the size of the game field and the rules that you want to play with.

    Just send us the result and the teams you played against. We put everything into the ranking.

    Here we can talk about all our ideas and suggestions....

    More Rules:
    - Only the team level is compared between the teams to calculate the bribe the lower team gets for the game, not the overall Club Value.
    - If you get bribe for a game against a higher level team, you get a maximum of 5 bribe.
    - If you can't pay the total wages, you have to pay all you can and are "BANKRUPT".
    - If you don't have any cash to pay the wages at all, you have to sell one Kicketeer to pay the wages. You are not bankrupt anymore.
    - If you sell a Kicketeer or the ability of a Kicketeer, you loose one bribe for selling it.
    - You can change your whole team by selling and buying before a game. For every Kicketeer you sell or change/sell its abilities you loose one bribe.
    - Lowest Level: A team has at least level/cash 20 (2 Zombies) to play with. You are bankrupt, but don't have to sell any Kicketeers.
    more to come and are changed day by day...

    Rules ideas: (for discussion)
    - Before a game you have to decide how much "cash/bribe" you want to use for a game. This money will be gone if not used in the game.
    - If you score no goal and achive no tackle (turnover) in a game, you loose all your ingame bribe because of fans and sponsors raging!!! (This will make you loose the max. 5 bribe you get for playing against a very high level team, if you do nothing in the game!!! )

    All kickin' best,

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