Hy Guys! My name is Bruno Mirabella,I'm the creator of the web series "Like Me, Like a Joker"
I open this topic to talk about the web series on the batman universe like "The Joker blogs" ,"Nightwing" and "Like Me , Like a Joker"
What is like me like a Joker ?

Like me, like a Joker is a new web series on youtube created by the cultural association “Burattini senza fili”. The idea of creating a web series about Batman’s world comes in 2010, but a first draft of the screenplay comes out in 2012. We officially started shooting in 2013.
The intent that leads us since the beginning is to give an original mark on the Batman universe. Inspired by comic books, graphic novels and films until now realised, we also wanted to add our own personal point of view. As a proof for that we chose to have, as the main character, an old dying Joker telling stories of Gotham, cradle for criminals and champions, but above all for characters that in one way or the other reflects various forms of insanity unleashed by the events of their lives or the distorted nature of institutions and society.
Like Me, Like a Joker is the tale of these men and women, these so-called “villains”. A tale that will pass towards past, present and future of Gotham City, like a train to madness.