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Adrian Turnipseed
06.12.2001, 10:43

Habe gerade dies auf Darkhorizons gefunden:

Birds of Prey (TV): 'SWERJ' has the following on a new WB series: "The WB has started pre-production on a pilot based on the DC Comics (a branch of Time-Warner) "Birds of Prey". The hit comic focuses on the unusual pairing of the adventurous, globe-trotting 'Black Canary' and her wheelchair-bound computer hacker partner Oracle, a partnership made all the more intriguing by the fact that it's not until issue 20 that the two meet face-to-face. If the series does go through, though, one item of the comic may be changed. In the comics continuity, Oracle is really Barbara Gordon, the one-time Batgirl who was paralyzed for life after being shot in the spine by the Joker in 1988's "The Killing Joke". It's unsure if that character will undergo changes to distance her from Batman. Wait and see, I guess".

06.12.2001, 18:14
Hab diese News auch schon mal irgendwo gelesen. Ich denke, dass gerade die BoP-Serie für eine Fernsehserie eignet, da sie den Superkräfte-Kram bei Seite lässt.
Ich bin mal gespannt wie die Umsetzung wird!

kevin smith
07.12.2001, 08:58
wäre auf jeden fall eine schöne sache, allerdings sollten sie babs schon so lassen wie sie ist, es ist schliesslich ein teil ihres charakters.

und bitte bitte, macht keine charlies angels draus

Adrian Turnipseed
20.12.2001, 08:41
Neue Gerüchte zu dem Thema:

Birds of Prey (TV): A long while ago it was rumoured this "Batman" spin-off was in the works but then things dropped off. Now, after the success of "Smallville", it looks like Warners is very keen to cash in on the 'no costume superhero' franchise with this project for which a 'casting requirements' sheet has popped up on the Net. The document indicates Mike Tollin, Brian Robbins and Joe Davola are executive producing the one-hour pilot penned by Laeta Kalogridis, though a director has yet to be selected. The series is set in Gotham City seven years after The Joker was locked into Arkham and Batman left in a 'self-imposed exile'. The show requires three female leads, the most notable is the role of Oracle - actually "Batman" character Barbara Gordon who was shot by The Joker and is now a paralyzed from the waist down, who fights crime with her computer skills. There's also Huntress/Helena Kyle - daughter of Catwoman and an unknown father (possibly Batman) who was witness to her mother being stabbed to death and is now a party girl who loves hard drinking and fast driving. The third is 'Black Canary/Dinah Lance', an Iowa farm girl who is also a 'touch telepath'. As to the authenticity of the document, well even I can't be sure though this source is well placed (if they weren't I'd have never have mentioned it). Anyone out there with more information on this, please step forward. Thanks to 'Hubie Tubie

20.12.2001, 10:35
hmm, interessant ein mix zwischen pre und post crisis....

aber abgesehen davon, dass black canary ein "touch telepat" sein soll, hört es sich doch sehr gut an...

20.12.2001, 15:10
...wundert mich, daß die tatsächlcih so einen starken Bezug zu Batman eingehen wollen... ich hätte da eigentlich ehr vollkommene Unabhängigkeit erwartet.

Aber gut, da kann man sicher was draus machen. Danke für die Info!

02.01.2002, 19:26
Hab das auf Comics2Film.com entdeckt:

Laeta Kalogridis (Lara Croft: Tomb Raider) ..... Writer
Mike Tollin (Smallville) ..... Executive Producer
Brian Robbins (Smallville) ..... Executive Producer
Joe Davola (Smallville) ..... Executive Producer

Casting is underway on the Birds of Prey TV pilot. LanternG slipped Comics2Film a look at the casting sides that have recently been distributed to agents in Canada. The pilot is slated to shoot in Vancouver or Los Angeles in Spring of 2002.

The breakdowns include casting calls for Oracle (a.k.a. Barbara Gordon), Huntress (a.k.a. Helena Kyle) and Black Canary (a.k.a Dinah Lance).

The description provided for Oracle is spot-on with the comic book character and even makes reference to her previous career as Batgirl.

Departing from the Birds of Prey comics is the description for the Huntress. By our reading, the show's creative team has taken the personality traits of Black Canary and inexplicably transplanted them into this character. The Huntress is described as "Oracle's partner...the eyes, ears and legs in the field." The Huntress doesn't take thinks as seriously as Babs and is always looking to "find the bad guys, kick some ass, then go get a margarita." This is not the dark, driven character from the comics.

Finally we have Black Canary, who is not the highly-trained agent from the books. She's a 16 year old runaway from Iowa who finds herself in Gotham City. She uses here telekinetic and telepathic abilities to establish he place as a junior member of the team.

The storyline suggests that the show will take-place in a post-Batman Gotham. Batman (who isn't named outright) is in "bitter, self-imposed exile" and the city is facing a new wave of crime. It's up to the Birds of Prey to confront the problem. The breakdown said there are no costumes or mask but instead "body armor, cutting-edge weapons [and] occassional metahuman powers."

Comics2Film has checked with sources in-the-know who have verified this description is accurate. Work on the pilot episode is moving quickly, with the initial announcement on the show only occurring a few months ago.

The show is a production of Tollin/Robbins, the makers of the current hit Smallville. Our source warns that Warner Bros. or The WB Network are not involved contrary to what recent reports have indicated. Unlike Smallville, which had a series order before any shows were filmed, Birds of Prey is strictly a pilot in production by Tollin/Robbins. Our source said the pilot could go the way of many pilots and never even get on TV.

Ich frag mich nur warum sie Huntress Huntress genannt haben, wenn sie doch eigentlich Black Canary ist?

02.01.2002, 21:31
Hmm! Klingt nicht so ganz nach BoP. Aber ist ja auch Zukunftsszenario.

Adrian Turnipseed
12.02.2002, 19:12
Casting Call...

Birds of Prey (TV): Casting seems to be in full swing on the Batman spin-off with the trio of lead female roles quickly being filled by some fresh upcomers. E! Online reported yesterday that Rachel Skarsten ("Virginia's Run") has scored the role of The Black Canary/Dinah Lance, the Iowa farm girl with psychic powers who runs away to Gotham City and joins the trio. Today DH can reveal that during a recent interview, Brandy Ledford (TV's "The Invisible Man", "Baywatch", "Rat Race") mentioned she signed for the role of 'Oracle/Barbra Gordon', the former Batgirl who was shot by the Joker seven years before and is now a paraplegic who uses her computer skills to fight crime and founded the Birds of Prey organisation. Still outstanding now is the role of Huntress/Helena Kyle, the party-hard rebellious daughter of Catwoman who wants to have fun (but still covering up the shock of seeing her mother stabbed to death in front of her years before). Thanks to 'Rick'

Mit Bildchen:


12.02.2002, 23:04
Ein guter Link zu diesem Thema:


Reinschaun und staunen!!! :D


12.02.2002, 23:14
...die sind ja alle blond! ;)