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22.06.2006, 19:01
Hallöchen, wir haben in Englisch die aufgabe ein palkat zu machen (social problems in Ecuador) und ich wollt nur mal nachfragen, ob meine Sätze denn grammatikalisch korrekt sind... normalerweise geht das eigentlich aber ich hab grad voll kopfschmerzen und kann nicht richtig nachdenken... >.<

erstmal ein quiz, welches wir erstellen sollten:


1) Why do so many people become sick in Ecuador?

2) What are the most important problems there?

3) Why do kids often don’t go to school?

4) What is the habitat of most of the people who live in villages?

5) Why does the poor part of the population become poorer?

dann die versch. unterteilungen:

Main Problems

The problems in Ecuador are various from social exclusion over poverty to pollution of the environment like air pollution.
The prices are always being highered, but the salary is still the same.
So there is a lot of unemployment an a high crime rate.
The poor part of the country becomes poorer and the rich become richer.
Many people have to beg and to clean shoes to survive.
The main part of them are children.


Medical care is not sufficiant for most of the families.
Especially small kids and mothers become ill because of air- and waterpollution (diarrhoea, anaemia etc.).
The hygienic situation is very bad and many people haven’t got enough to eat, so they’re much too thin.


In the villages most people live in slums and they haven’t got any running water, electricity or toilets.
The slums are very tiny, small and are even just composed of one room.
They’re dirty and not very comfortable.


The kids in Ecuador often don’t go to school, because they have to help their families.
And if they go, then just a couple of years, so that they can’t really use it for anything with their low level of education.
The years compulsory in Ecuador is from six to fourteen.

wäre sehr dankbar, wenn ihr helfen könntet ^^ <333

24.06.2006, 11:26
Ich weiß nicht, ob ihr die Aufgabe schon abgeben musstet, aber vielleicht hilft es ja noch. Jedenfalls waren keine katastrophalen Fehler vorhanden, alles im grünen Bereich.

2) What are the most important problems there?
Die wichtigsten Probleme? Für mich würde biggest besser klingen, aber grammatikalisch stimmt er.

3) Why do kids often don’t go to school?
Why don’t kids often go to school?

The prices are always being highered
The prices are always highered
Falls du im Passiv schreiben wolltest.

and a high crime rate (nur Tippfehler)

are even just composed of one room.
are just composed of even one room
würde mir besser gefallen.

And if they go,
And in case of going there
Macht sich besser, da ein if-Satz ne spezielle grammatische Struktur braucht.

so that they can’t really use it for anything
so they can’t really use it for anything
“That” weglassen, hört sich Deutsch an.

25.06.2006, 19:10
dankeschön <333
werds gleich ändern ^^