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    Huch, entdecke das jetzt erst. Sehr tolle Zeichnungen, muss direkt mal mehr davon lesen. Lob!

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    Coole Strips. Die Zeichnungen finde ich wirklich super.

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    Auch eine Art, mit Lob umzugehen...

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    Von dieser Folge würde ich gerne mal dein Skript sehen...

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    [0230] Composition with Red, Blue and Woo / Komposition in Rot, Blau und Woo

    General description: (I)
    • This strip does not have any dialog. It features Woo inside a painting which looks like one of Piet Mondrian’s (-->PIC<--) famous paintings: (-->PIC<--). Woo eventually destroys the painting. Involuntarily. Only Woo is playing a role in this strip, but he has to be colored or it would look crappy. I think this strip has potential to be sold later as poster.

    General description: (II)
    • See the attached sketch for the general layout of the “painting”. The following points are key features of the painting which can’t be changed:
      The following colors can be used to fill the boxes: white, black, red, blue, yellow.
      All black borders have the same breadth.
      Woo is standing in a white box.
      Next to Woo on the left side there is a large red box.
      Beneath Woo there is a very large (the largest box of the painting) box which is partially filled with yellow.
      This very large box has to touch the bottom border of the painting.

    1. Panel: (1. row)
    • Woo is leaning against the left wall of his box with his right arm like this: (-->PIC<--).

    2. Panel: (1. row)
    • The left wall has just cracked since it was not strong enough to support Woo’s weight. Woo’s right arm is now inside the red box. Black cracks are falling to the ground. Red paint starts to leak out.

    3. Panel: (1. row)
    • The red paint of the left box is now spraying out with high pressure into the white box. Woo is trying to plug the hole, pressing his paws against it. But to no avail. Drops of red paint are on Woo’s fur.

    4. Panel: (2. row)
    • A significant amount of red paint has now sprayed into the white box. The pressure is no longer as high as in the previous panel. Remember that an equal amount of red paint has to be missing in the red box. If Woo’s anatomy would be that of a human, he would stand knee-high in it. At two or three spots, red paint is slowly leaking into the black ground. Woo has not yet noticed that and is now just looking pissed because all the red paint on his legs feels quite uncomfortable.

    5. Panel: (2. row)
    • The red paint is now leaking through most of the ground. It is obvious that it will be only a matter of seconds before the whole wall will break. Woo is looking down with a worried look on his face.
    • Woo: Uh-oh.
    • Woo: Uh-oh.

    6. Panel: (2. row)
    • The ground of the left box has finally broken. Woo is just beginning to fall down towards the yellow “sea” in the large box beneath him. Black cracks from the wall and the red paint are also falling down. Woo’s fur is now mostly red, especially the lower part of his body.

    7. Panel: (3. row)
    • Woo hits the yellow sea. The black cracks and the some parts of the red paint have already reached the yellow sea. The sea becomes orange at these spots. Some small parts of the ground of the white box near the left and the right border have not fallen down.

    8. Panel: (3. row)
    • Woo is sinking to the ground of the yellow sea. The ground of the large box is now also broken because of the additional weight of Woo, the cracks and the red paint.

    9. Panel: (3. row)
    • All the yellow paint is now in a puddle on the ground beneath the painting. It is mixed with the red paint from the red box. There is still leaking out red paint from the red box into the white box with low pressure. Maybe first hitting the small part of the ground which is still intact, or maybe directly hitting the puddle at the ground beneath the painting. Woo’s fur is now completely colored in orange. Some patches, especially on the upper part of his body, are more yellow. There are also some small patches which are more red. He is walking away towards the right side of the panel, but he is still completely beneath the painting. He is now looking very pissed with a dust cloud coming out of his head.


    I think it’s best to leave out panel 4 and include the additional “SPLATS” panel in which Woo hits the ground. It would be nice to have panel 4, but having 9 panels in total for a 3x3 layout is more important.

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    Das ist sowas von GEILO!

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